Sandra Dragičević, PhD

Research Associate, team member from February 2023   

Sandra obtained her PhD in molecular biology in 2017 at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Her scientific work is focused on the molecular basis of malignant gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.  Sandra gained experience in a variety of cellular and molecular biology methods through her PhD thesis and study visits abroad: cell culture techniques, manipulations with clinical samples, genetic engineering methods, work with fluorescently labeled biomolecules and biostatistics. She became familiar with the zebrafish model system during the Serbian-German bilateral scientific collaboration. She was also engaged in the education of university and high school students, as well as in several science popularization activities and projects. She coordinated two science popularization projects funded by the national Center for the Promotion of Science and participated as an assistant coordinator in EU funded Researchers’ Night project. In her free time, Sandra likes to be surrounded by nature, read, dance, and travel.