Mina Milovanović

Junior researcher, team member from November 2022


Mina is an MSc in biology. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade in 2020, then master studies at the same Faculty in 2021. Experimental part of her master thesis entitled Generation of transgenic zebrafish reporter line Tg(ankrd1b:mScarlet) was conducted in the Laboratory for molecular biology at the IMGGE, under mentorship of dr Snežana Kojić. From 2021, Mina is enrolled in doctoral studies. She is conducting the experimental part of her PhD thesis at the IMGGE and continues to investigate the role of the ankrd1a gene in repair of skeletal muscle, as well as to successfully generate new zebrafish reporter lines. In free time, she enjoys visiting the natural beauties of Serbia, reading books and playing volleyball recreationally. Although not an official member of the ZEBARR team Mina will participate in Project realization as a young and promising researcher.