Dive into regeneration

ZEBARR offers a new prospect for unlocking regenerative potential of human heart by investigating common players in cellular and molecular mechanisms of healing injured heart and skeletal muscle in zebrafish model system


Visit to Technical school Valjevo

To promote science, our team once again participated in the "Researchers in Schools" program, part of the Researchers' Night event. On Friday, May 17th,...

ZEBARR at Unistem day 2024

On March 22th, the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering once again opened its doors to high school students for an exploration into...


Lecture by Srdjan Boskovic on the occasion of Biomedical Research Awareness Day

We are happy to announce that ZEBARR team joins celebration of Biomedical Research Awareness Day – BRAD 2022. On that occasion, our colleague, Srdjan...

High school visits

To build up scientific awareness of young people and their teachers, ZEBARR will organize visits to Belgrade high schools twice a year in coordination...

Ethical statement

Experiments with zebrafish are conducted in accordance with institutional and national ethical and animal welfare guidelines, harmonized with EU Directive 2010/63/EU. They are approved by the Veterinary Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Republic of Serbia, under the ethical license number 323-07-00771/2021-05, released on February 4 2021 and granted for 3 years.

Open science statement

ZEBARR fully supports the open science concept. We adhere to the idea that open means more than reading and sharing an article. By practicing open science we want to make every stage of our research transparent. Thus, we will provide the right context to understand it, the resources to replicate it, the tools to collaborate. It’s all about making science better.