Marko Vasić, PhD

Research Associate, team member until November 2022

Marko is DVM with a PhD degree in Molecular medicine from the Medical Faculty University of Belgrade. As a PhD student he aspired to optimize well-known model of toxic doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy in rats and to evaluate both clinical and preclinical methods which would be sensitive enough to identify the disease in its early stage, prior to overt signs and prior to vicar mechanisms’ decompensation. Thus, employing his creative and useful skills in further work at IMGGE, he will endeavor to implement acquired professional knowledge and experience. In his spare time, Marko is a Tolkienist and a medievalist – he scrutinizes and interprets Tolkien’s mythological manuscripts through the various stands along the country and the region and essays published in literary journals. Marko enjoys discovering the forgotten sacral, secular and sepulchral medieval fortifications and cenotaphs throughout Serbia. He is a devoted bibliophile and discophile.