Visit to “Vojvoda Stepa” Primary School

On the 8th of May, ZEBARR team member Dr. Jovana Jasnić paid a visit to Belgrade primary school “Vojvoda Stepa”. There she gave an interesting lecture about the ZEBARR project and the significance of zebrafish in biomedical research. After the lecture, the students were given an extraordinary opportunity to observe zebrafish firsthand. Under the guidance of Dr. Jasnić, the pupils had the chance to use a microscope to gain a closer look at the fascinating features of zebrafish larvae.

The visit to “Vojvoda Stepa” Primary School was just one of the many initiatives undertaken by the ZEBARR team to promote science. By sharing our knowledge and passion for zebrafish research, we aim to inspire young minds and lay the foundation for a future generation of scientists eager to make significant contributions to the scientific community.

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